International Service Proposed Plan 21-22

  • To enhance the overall image of the International Service (To do what is actually meant to do)
  • To work with all the clubs we know or have travelled to in the past 3 years for the following:
    • Enhance interclub, inter-cultural and inter-country relationship
    • To work with them Shoulder to Shoulder on Joint projects
    • Item b will be for the benefit of all other committees for them to do projects
    • Set up one humongous international project that nobody in Rotary International has even attempted to do or think of
  • To find out innovative ways to increase participation and funding for the TRF contributions
  • To try and achieve the 100% PH club again
  • To find innovative ways to engage our membership for raising the bar on Peace and Conflict resolution
  • To Elevate K4V to a truly global event.

TRF and Global Funding – Chair Rtn Zarir Batha

  • Try and Connect with every member of the club via email, calls, Social media and explain to them the benefits of becoming a PHF
  • Try to convert the existing PHFs to donating more to the cause and make their spouses and family also PHFs
  • Try to connect with our CSR Partners and see if they can become honorary PHF and rope them in for our Global Grant projects
  • Work on a massive fund raiser to collect funds and make each member a PHF so that indirectly it is funding the Rotary International projects world-wide

Peace and Conflict Resolution – Chair Pragya Jain

  • Arrange for a talk once a quarter in our club from a great speaker from one of our sister clubs overseas or the other clubs with who we will build relationships
  • Find speakers from our club or from Bangalore who are willing to go to meetings overseas and deliver a talk on our subject.
  • Work on a seminar or workshop that will connect all the Rotary clubs of the world to discuss a major problem at hand which can be environment or afforestation which could bring peace to humanity

World Community Service – Chair Rtn Jigisha Rajguru

  • Establish connects with all the Number 1 clubs of each city of the world. There is only one club in each city that call them selves “The Rotary Club of…. With all such clubs we will try a well wisher club relationship and with a selected few we can offer a Sister Club Relationship
  • Our team must try and attend at least one or two meetings in a month overseas. This online meetings are here to stay for the best part of 21- 22 so we must try and take max advantage of it. In those meetings we must try and understand their projects and see if we can collaborate
  • Invite the members from those clubs to attend our meetings. In these meetings we will make a soft pitch to them about our projects and find funding
  • We must be the bridge between our Community service and Vocational Service and Our International partners to find funding and also work with Global grants section
  • Our biggest show is going to be Kala 4Vidya and because it is under International Service, we will truly make it International. An Online experience that our partners will be proud to be associated with. We will try to make this truly a worldwide experience so that each participating club will get the benefit of the funds they collect for their education projects but the Lions share will be for RBV. A separate white paper and manual needs to be created for this