Avant Grade Conclave- Public Image

Avant Grade Conclave- Public Image

Public Image Committee:

  • Rtn Nalini Nanjundayya
  • Rtn Vineet Jain -Chairperson
  • Rtn Amit Bahirat- Co ChairPerson
  • Rtn Pradeep Bijur
  • Rtn Sandeep Srini
  • Rtn Jija Hari Singh
  • Rtn Devesh Agarwal
  • Rtn Pragya Jain
  • Rtn Chetan Kamani
  • Rtn. Narayan Suresh

How can we improve the PI of RCB

Plan for the year 2021-2022

  • Connect with Directors of different avenues to publicize their projects
  • Update RCB activities in “Rotary News”
  • Ensure Rotator reaches all clubs in district 3190
  • Involve and promote RCB in district fellowship groups as RWFI, WARM, etc
  • Promote activities of RCB in Theatre Club, Kala for Vidya, Yuva Yamini etc
  • Liase with Fellowship & other Committees to promote RCB events.
  • Involve Rotoractors to assist our social media campaigns

Way Forward

Lets do something new!