Wonderful Wheels - Public Image Event


The face of the NGO sector is constantly changing, the needs of this sector have grown over the years as well. How to deal with these changes in terms of communication and fundraising was brought forward in the rib tickling play “Wheels”, written and directed by Rtn. Vijay Padaki, and was brought to the stage by members of our very own Rotary Theatre Club.

The Public Image committee was tasked with responsibility of changing the way we think about communication and the fundraising hurdles that we are facing in Rotary today. With the onus of imparting lessons in a light hearted manner,
the play touched on the subjects of strategy, issues, and even some potential solutions to these problems.   

The play culminated with a wonderful presentation on how to deal with the changing landscape by investing in inclusion and outreach.

Here are some of the questions the performance asked us, to ask ourselves!

-          How does the world perceive Rotary? Is it the same as we as Rotarians perceive Rotary?

-          How do we reinvent ourselves in this changing global sector?

-          How can we change our internal structure, to deliver better results in terms of impact?

-          How can we approach the subject of communicating about Rotary in a new way?

The performance rather than being merely an information source, was a moment for us to introspect.  

The amazing cast was composed of Rtns. Satish Bhat, Solomon Paramel, Shailesh Rudra and Rotractors Abhijit Raghunathan, Santosh Patil, Amrita Mishra, Deepan Thirumurugan, Abhinav Unnikrishnan, Mridula Ponnappa , Namrata Surendar and Karuna

The play was very well appreciated by members of the Rotary family. It was written and directed by our very own talented  Rtn. Vijay Padaki.

By Rotractor Amit Bahirat

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