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A Delightful ‘n’ Great talk from D G

A report on District Governor Rtn. Suresh Hari’s official visit to RCB

In the Rotary calendar, the Governor’s official visit (GoV) to a club holds pride of  place for many a reason. One being that it can showcase all the good work done over the months and also interact closely with the District Governor and other District officials for future and larger projects such as District Grants / matching grants, etc.  It is also the day you have the District Governor’s undivided attention! Conversely, it is also the day of scrutiny and inspection of records. Hence it is a visit that is eagerly awaited but with fingers crossed! However, this year, the visit turned out to be quite different.

Introduced to the audience by President. Elect Rtn. Dr Elizabeth C Paramesh, D G Rtn. Suresh Hari started his speech welcoming all the Rotarians, guests and luminaries of the district and said it  turned out truly to be a wise decision to visit RCB in the fag end as he wanted to have the best (GOV to our Club) for the last!

Addressing the audience in his own inimitable style with lots of pun and banter,  he commended President Rtn. Vivek Prabhu and his team for the array of work being done by RCB in all avenues of service.  He noted the excellent work done in community service through Project Happy Anganwadi, Dialysis, Medical Camps, Blood Donation drives; innovative engagements with Youth through Utpulta, Kreeda Habba, RotoQuiz; International Service connecting with Sister Clubs through inbound and outbound visits,  Kala for Vidya; Public Image doing its bit; and Club Service topping the list with Fellowship events such as Monsoon Magic, Christmas Celebration, etc. and Speaker events par excellence; truly noteworthy. It is indeed inspiring to learn that RCB has 40 listed projects, 40 speaker events and 12 fellowship nights!

He observed that we walk the path of this life only once and Rotary offers an experience of a lifetime.  He said, “You have done so much and continue to do so by touching humanity. You need no inspiration, rather, you are the inspiration for others.“ He declared, “Undoubtedly, you are  one of the highest inspiring club!”

Having said that, he continued that Rotary being an International Organization and  113 year old, present in 220 countries with 1.2 M members is connected everywhere. We took up Polio Eradication three decades ago and because of which India is Polio free for the last 7 years.  However, he stressed that we should not let our guard down. Our support and involvement is still needed till Polio is totally eradicated from the face of this earth.

Touching on the strategic plan of R I, he urged the members to support and strengthen the club and enhance the Public image.  He urged that RCB add more members, in particular women members. He also suggested that RCB considers promoting new clubs or at least satellite clubs.  He felt that it is time RCB thinks of a new and a large project on the scale of Blood Bank or RVB. Rotary, he felt, is giving one’s time, knowledge, expertise and of course money!  He thanked everyone for voluntarily contributing $ 26.5 for the Foundation and believed that there is greater pleasure in knowing that somewhere someone is being helped through this contribution and being the part of that giving culture. He concluded his address by inviting RCB members to be present more often in District events and be the inspiration  for others, too.

Rtn.  Vincent P Raj

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